Thinking about working out? Talk yourself out of it by looking at these.

People are supposed to exercise thirty minutes a day, I guess. These people were trying to stay healthy and did just the opposite.

1. Make sure to wear the right workout clothes.

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At least he kept running.

2. Drinking it in.

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No amount of booze could get me to go.

3. The "Why Bother?" Regimen.

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Let me just answer four days of emails before my next set.

4. The "Cousin It" Regimen.

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Keep your eyes on the equipment. Someone could get hurt.

6. A whole compilation of weight lifters hurting themselves.

Most of these people should try cardio for a change.

7. The best motivation.

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8. The weights bite back.

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That's why you always have a spotter.

9. Setting up the home gym.

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10. Finding out how flexible you are.

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You gotta pace yourself.

11. A time and a place (not here).

He's hurting himself with food.

12. The only safe one of the group.


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