I wonder who's liking that picture of all that shit I stole? (via Facebook)

Nicholas Wig of St. Paul Minnesota is like anybody else, desperate to know what's going down on his Facebook page, even when he is mid-burglary.


James Wood (no, not him) came home to find a very weird crime scene. His house had been ransacked, his cash, credit cards, and watch had been stolen, and a stranger's wet clothes and shoes had been left behind.

“I started to panic, but then I noticed he had pulled up his Facebook profile,” Wood told CBS. "World's dumbest criminal. I don't know."

Wood showed surprising restraint by not posting something hilarious like "I have diarrhea" while logged in as Wig. Instead, he posted that Wig had burglarized his home and then left his phone number for people to provide him with information.

Nick Wig, you've broken into a home, stolen a bunch of shit, dropped a pile of your wet clothes, and left yourself logged into Facebook, what are you going to do next??

I'm going to text the guy I robbed!!!! (via Facebook

He texted the guy he robbed. We don't know what Wig texted his victim, but probably something like, "Hey, is this the guy I robbed?"

Wood texted Wig back saying, "You left a few things at my house, how can I get them back to you."

So they actually set up a meet in Wood's neighborhood during which Wig believed he would return a recycled cell phone he stole in exchange for the clothes he left behind. (No word, by the way, on whether he left the house naked or if he wore some of Wood's clothing home.)

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