"I try to look cute all the time."

Meet Jiff. He's a fluffy pomeranian who describes himself on his Facebook page as a "movie actor/model." Now he can add "world's fastest dog to walk on two legs," as he has just made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for 2015. Which two legs? All of them. He can walk the fastest on his back legs or on his front legs.

What a total show-off. People love seeing him just wagging just wagging his little penis around for everyone to see, but when we do it, it's all "over here, officer!"

Is his name Jiff because his head is full of peanut butter? There is nothing going on behind those eyes. But that's ok! He loves the attention! Jiff is just a proud American doing it for the fame and glory, unlike Jin Dan the pomeranian from China who only walked on his hind legs to protest his haircut.

Congratulations, Jiff!



(by Myka Fox)