I hope she didn't get those hearts from a drug store March of Dimes program.
(Via Imgur)

When I hear the term "OD," I usually think of "overdose," but now I am equally likely to think of the boy band "One Direction." Especially now that it appears a girl named Allie has totally OD'd on OD. 


Acutely aware that her dreams of marrying Harry Styles will never come true (and now that she has done this, I doubt she will be allowed within 50 ft of him), Allie decided to do the last best thing: fake a marriage with his cardboard cutout. 

I mean, not that she would do this without his consent.  She also faked his proposal, too.

If you say "no," I'm burning this doily. (Via Imgur)

She enlisted his bandmates as groomsmen. None of them look terrified because their pictures have been taken during less terrifying times. 

Look ma, no hands. (Via Imgur)

Apparently, despite her marriage to a man who used to be part of a refrigerator box, Allie also knows real-life humans. So, she enlisted those friends (enablers?) to dress up and be bridesmaids, and everyone else came as invited guests. Up in front, we can see the guy we can only assume Allie used to date before he lost out to a cardboard, handless Harry. 

Sorry, bro. Next time, pick a girl with lower standards. (Via Imgur)