As Oxford Dictionary, the New York Post, and every other web and print publication is required by law to reiterate, 2013 is the year of the Selfie. Sure, we kind of almost got accessible healthcare this year, we found out our every word and move is being documented and catalogued by the government, and a Pope actually quit his job for the first time in forever, but more important than all that is people really got a kick out of taking pictures of themselves. Trends!


To recap how selfies have changed our world forever, let's take a look back at the big ones, the selfies that made people's lives turn inside out on first glance, the selfies that redefined the concepts of self, other, and brought into question the very nature of identity. Let's start with Kim.


Who Selfied: Kim Kardashian.

Why'd She Selfie: It was mid-October. Author Tom Clancy had died just weeks prior and she knew the world's techno-thriller reading public was in pain. She wanted to heal it with ass.