Can't we all just get along with lasers? (via Trinacria Photography)

You may remember the saga of Draven Rodriguez, the 16-year-old Schenectady High School student petitioning to get his cat in his yearbook photo, from when we first reported his story earlier this month. Rodriguez wanted something different for his photo, something only he and his cat Mr. Bigglesworth could pull off. The administration, as administrations are wont to do, crushed his dreams in the spirit of conformity. 

But Rodriguez's petition went viral, including a shout out from Kesha, who took the position of "god this school needs to get over it." Eventually, the school had to bend, and they did, but in the lamest way possible. 

Here's the photo Draven originally wanted in the yearbook:


Instead,  he'll have a normal yearbook photo next to his name, but be given the honor of appearing in the photo at top with his principal Diane Wilkinson and her dog Vivienne on a different page. This is kind of like your mom saying, "Yes, you can go to that concert but only if I chaperone you." 

On the plus side, the photo will be used to help raise awareness of the work of the ASPCA, since both pets are rescue animals. Well done, Mr. Bigglesworth. You just keep staring at those lasers.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

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