Failing basic censorship. (via)


The faculty of Sabina high school in Arizona have found themselves in the news after attempting to cover up student's yearbook quotes they deemed unfit to print. Problem was, the books had already been printed, so they did the next worst thing, which was crudely cover the offending words in all 1300 copies of the book using duct tape.

It's no secret that duct tape is good for all sorts of things. However, censorship isn't one of them.  Any high school kid whose curiosity could be stifled by an inch of tape probably isn't ready for the real world. Not surprisingly, instead of permanently erasing the quotes, the result was the yearbook equivalent of a scratch-off ticket. And instead of cash, the prize was an "inappropriate" one-liner and a $75 book with torn pages.

What's most surprising is how tame the "offensive" comments were. How is "Every Mexican needs a white best friend" inappropriate? It's no secret that race is a hot button issue in Arizona, but who would've imagined they'd reached the point where interracial besties was verboten.

Another quote was attributed to Turtle Man, which read, "Come getcha some!" A quick Google search reveals the line is the catchphrase of the star of the nature show Call of the Wildman. But thanks to Sabina high school, I'm now convinced it's what high school bros shout after completing a sex move called the Turtle Man.

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