"You named me what?"

Like everything else in life, popular baby names are cyclical. 100 years ago when the average 3rd grade classroom was cluttered with kids named Walter and Edward, a new kid named Jayden would've seemed exotic. He also would've likely gotten his ass kicked sideways. Now "Jayden" is the 7th most popular boys baby name in 2013. "Caden" comes in at a shocking #11.  I didn't even know that was a name, let alone a boys name. Where do these kids live? 100 years ago the parents of a Caden would be accused of sorcery.

"Sophia" tops the girls list, which is populated by a lot of throwback names like "Emma" and "Lily." "Lisa" doesn't even make the top 100, yet "Aaliyah" is #11. I totally get why you'd want to give your child a cool sounding name, but I don't understand why anyone would saddle their kid with a name the average person will misspell the first five tries. Best of luck getting all your emails, Adalyn.

Full list of the top 100 boys and girls here. See if you made the list, or whether your name is so common it'll seem exotic 100 years from now.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

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