Please cover your keyboard so that it doesn't get flooded with tears.

Lisa Abeyta recorded this video of her father who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's. Abeyta's dad has almost completely lost his speech, save for moments like this when their dog comes into the room to greet him. Her dad is able to get some of his speech back just long enough to say some of the sweetest, simplest, most heart-wrenching things to his buddy.

"Why don't I take care? I'll take you. And you take me."

Sorry, this should have come with a warning. NSFW doesn't cover it. Something along the lines of "Do Not Watch Unless Your Entire Weekend Is Free For You To Completely Fall To Pieces." 

Good God. Between this and the video of a dad crying joyfully at the news he's going to be a grandpa, we're going to be all out of tears before we even start the weekend. Anyway, get off the Internet. Call your dad.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: The Daily Dot