The way the Internet brings people together just makes you want to cry.

Joey Graceffa is someone who makes a living screeching into a camera about absolutely nothing for minutes at a time, and his screeching is apparently at the exact pitch that the sensory-deadened pre-teens who populate YouTube can hear. Therefore, Joey Graceffa is a "YouTube celebrity."

The video above, from rising YouTube Celebrity Nate Clark, is in response to YouTube celebrity Joey Graceffa's video from last week, deceptively titled "STOLEN CAR!" in which Joey devoted the second half of his 7-plus minutes running time (!) to his car having been towed. Not stolen. Why didn't he call it "TOWED CAR!"? Or more accurately, "FOUR MINUTES OF BULLSHIT AND YOU BEING WORRIED ABOUT ME RECORDING MYSELF ON MY PHONE WHILE DRIVING, THEN, TOWED CAR!" Nate didn't like being called a slut with an overweight car, so he corrected a few of Joey's misconceptions.

If these two keep this going, it could turn out to he be the greatest YouTube channel ever. Just week after week of Nate correcting Joey's conduct as a member of society. One week he has his car towed. The next, he reports him to his gym for not wiping down the equipment. The next, he goes through his trash and exposes Joey for not recycling properly. I've subscribed in advance.

Advance to around 4:10 unless you enjoy utter tedium.

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Redditor mamacas66