David and Sarah Olson had two kids and wanted a third, but their doctor told them it wasn't a good idea.

The couple meets their burrito for the first time. (via Kristen Anne Photography/Facebook)

They were set on having a family of five, though, so they decided to adopt, announcing their decision on Vimeo about four months ago (apparently people do that now?). After dealing with all the logistical stuff, they found out Tuesday night about a newborn in Florida that was being put up for adoption. They flew to the hospital from their home of state of Minnesota on Wednesday morning, and by Wednesday evening, they sealed the deal. They brought their photographer with them to document their first encounter with their new child, and needless to say, it's Slushfest 2015:

"This burrito is beautiful." (via Kristen Anne Photography/Facebook)

"Oh my gosh, and it's warm." (via Kristen Anne Photography/Facebook)

"We absolutely love this burrito." (via Kristen Anne Photography/Facebook)

"I'm keeping this burrito forever." (via Kristen Anne Photography/Facebook)


You can see the rest of the pictures here. They will make you think about adopting a kid for a second and then you'll be like, "Nah, but it was a fun idea while it lasted."

Sources: KTLA