Tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd of Bay of Plenty, New Zealand has received online backlash for his recent Facebook posts, which show him tattooing a very young kid. What commenters might not realize is that the kid's tattoo isn't life-changing and permanent, it's just a temporary, airbrushed one. Plus, it's of a skull and roses—which is way more badass than some fully-grown people's tattoos, like whatever's inked on the Biebs' face

In the post above, Lloyd said that he would give airbrush tattoos to all the kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital if he gets 50 likes. The post garnered over 200,000 likes in a day. “I went to sleep and it had gone crazy overnight,” he told Mashable

The artist said that it takes him about nine minutes to complete an airbrush tattoo session. Here's a video, which Lloyd also posted on Sunday showing the entire process.

Posted by Benjamin Lloyd art collection on Sunday, May 22, 2016
Sources: Mashable