Only time will tell what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's legacies will be for the next generation, but they've already left their mark on babies who have been born in the past year. According to Cosmopolitan, the name "Donald," previously the 441st most popular baby name in the US, has plummeted to number 691. This is the lowest ranking of the name Donald since 1900. Sad!

An adorable baby, likely named Miley or Khaleesi.

Hillary didn't even make the top 1,000 most popular girls' names for 2015. Parents might be #withher, but they're not #withhername. Only 136 girls were given the name Hillary in 2015, and only 53 with the one L (but they're likely named after Hilary Duff).

This is a marked turnaround for the name, which most recently cracked the top 1000 in 2008. It's most recent peak in popularity came in 1992, when Bill was first elected. That year, it rose to #132. By '94, the name had fallen to 566, and remained on a steady decline since (these things are cyclical, of course). In 2007, Hillary ranked at 961, but Clinton likely gave it a boost during her first presidential run in '08, bringing it shooting up to #722. That effect has not been seen this time, and Hillary is at a historic low.