Kim Christofi, owner of a café that sells ice cream by the beach in the UK, just can't stand her noisy clientele. She took to Facebook to express her uproar over children who have the audacity to get tired and whiny and the beach, and threatened to "discipline" them if the parents don't.

South Kiosk martello beach

Local parents did not take well to the vaguely threatening, judgmental message, despite the fact that Christofi offered them "five lenient minutes" to get their children to calm the f**k down.

“If that means you too having a tantrum about our having to speak to your child and hurling threats about not returning – that’s really okay with us," she wrote.

Parents in the Felixstowe, Suffolk community in the UK shared the post, calling out the stand for judging peoples' parenting skills.

Suffolk's beaches must be full of Veruca Salts.

“What gives you the right to judge other people’s parenting and decide whether they are ‘disciplining’ their children?” mom Alison MacLeod commented.

Sources: The Sun