This picture of a half-eaten bunch of grapes captures the hilariously literal way kids think. WARNING: view at your own risk—I don't want to have kids, but once I saw this I was like OMG where do I get one??

According to the original post on Reddit, this little girl's mother gave her some grapes as a snack, but she wasn't that hungry so she told her mom it was too many. So her mom told her to "just eat half of em." And she took that advice extremely literally.


People in the comments section seem split between whether this kid is the coolest ever, or a manipulative little prankster. She's probably both.

"My condolences, you have one of those smart-asses," wrote one commenter. While another said: "Congrats your kid is going to grow up to be awesome." And TWO people commented that the kid will "make a great dad someday" (a dad joke within a dad joke, boom!).

My take is that this little kid is, literally, a genius. Mostly because if you eat too many grapes, bad things happen, and even most adults don't have a handle on that fact. THEY JUST TASTE SO GOOD.

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