Kids say the darndest things, and often, they're hilariously mean. Redditor TheToolMan and his niece regularly send each other greeting cards, but the most recent one he received is more like a beating card. The little niece went straight for the jugular—roasting the thing many an uncle is sensitive about.

Bald Man meets the Joker.

Uncle was probably opening the card like:

Kids get right to it.

Redditors replied with stories of when they were brutalized by children. NoSubrannke wrote:

Kids are funny because they're mean and don't realize it. My daughter noticed my bald spot when she was 5 and said "Why do you shave the top of your head like that? It looks really stupid."


And AStormofSwines met another little punster:

A kid called me Baldemort once. I was torn between being mad he insulted me (his beloved day camp director) and respecting his quality burn.

It's the burn he needs, but not the burn he deserves.