The Annie E. Casey foundation released a new study on Tuesday that ranks all 50 states in terms of child-friendliness, but remember, no stupid map can tell you how to raise your kids. The composite score for each state's economic and health conditions, education and quality of communities were all used in a carefully developed methodology, which resulted in the ranking. According to the study, Minnesota is the best place to raise children, but only if you can stand really cold temperatures and funny accents.

Oh wow, there is a pretty clear divide here.

In order of rank, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Connecticut join Minnesota to comprise the top five states for baby-raising.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mississippi is ranked the worst state for overall child well-being, followed by New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada and Alabama. The study observes that 30% of children in New Mexico fall below the poverty line, which is double Minnesota's 15%.

We get it, this map is trying to get everyone to move to Minnesota.