Financial advisers are increasingly advising young graduates to move back in with their parents. If you have kids, don't show them this article.

This could be you! (stock photo)

Everyone rags on millennials moving back in with their parents these days. The "entitlement generation" is the butt of constant jokes about the fact that they're not independent and live in a perpetual state of arrested development. All this may be true, but it discounts one important fact: millennials are totally screwed. And the best chance they have to pull themselves out of the hole dug for them by previous generations is to move back home.

That's the premise of CNN chief business correspondent Christine Romans. In her new book Smart Is the New Rich: Money Guide for Millennials, she argues that living at home is the only way many young people can avoid spending the rest of their adult life saddled with debt: "For these graduates, the biggest financial advantage they have is living at home and taking the rent part off of the table."

The fact is, many people in their twenties don't have the means to live on their own, and it's not necessarily their fault. Tuitions and the cost of living are both on a meteoric rise across the country, and countless graduates are leaving college with crippling debt already weighing them down. What's more, the fancy degrees they bought with that debt aren't getting them the jobs they used to. Unemployment and underemployment are quickly becoming the norm.

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