A Kentucky mom's Facebook post about a random act of kindness from a stranger is just the reminder we need right now that sometimes human beings are good to each other.

On July 23, Stephanie Skaggs posted a pic of her 5-year-old daughter Baylee, who has autism, at a water park in Louisville, Kentucky. In the caption of the post, Skaggs explains that she was moved when two children kindly let Baylee go in front of them in line to use the slide. “I was struck that two different children would be so intuitive and kind,” she wrote.


To the mom in the baby water park at Kentucky Kingdom yesterday, (Friday, July 22), I talked to you about your kids....

Posted by Stephanie Skaggs on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Skaggs later realized the two children were siblings, so she approached their mom to praise her parenting skills. Addressing the children’s mom in the post, Skaggs wrote:

I made sure to let your kids know how nice it was for them to be kind and understanding, but I wanted YOU to know that you are raising two wonderful children. When I came to you and told you about my experience with your kids and told you that they were super kids and you are doing a great job, you said ‘I don’t know about that.’ Well, mom, you are. A small gesture like theirs may not seem like much. But I promise it was.

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