No one thinks it's inherently weird for a child to live with their parents. In fact, that whole "family unit" thing is considered the very fabric of society—where else would kids live? And yet, as these several Reddit threads from the past few years show—some from the parent's perspectives and some from the children's—it becomes clear the cohabitation of children and adults is the reason society is so messed up. After what the following people saw their parents doing, it's no wonder everyone you meet is a complete psychopath.

1. At least this extremely scarring experience for Mdavis7108's little boy led to a hilarious question. And then probably even more scarring.

My wife an I were fooling around, I was going down on her while using her toy( one that turns and gyrates and vibrates, very loud) on her. Being responsible adults I assumed I had locked the door to our room after putting the kids to sleep. Anywho, she is lost in her pleasure, edging closer to orgasm, and I have my head buried between her thighs, with my naked ass in the air, going to town, so of course neither of us hear the door open, or our 7 year old son wander in until he says "Mom? Agh! Oh, ummm..." We quickly attempt to cover up while he throws his hands over his face in an attempt to un see the terrible things I was doing to his mother except he leaves his fingers spread apart and puts his hands near his forehead, his body frozen in place in horror. I start laughing, mostly due to embarrassment and his ineffective attempt to hide. My wife takes him to his room and talks to him, asking if he has any questions. All he could come up with was, "Does this mean I am going to have another sister?"

TLDR: 7 year old son catches me going down on wife, expects siblings.