Conventional wisdom seems to indicate that, generally speaking, each generation is a little bit more tolerant than the generation before. That means we’re less racist than our parents, and they’re less racist than their parents. But man oh man, these stories from redditors prove that the last two generations included some people who were really racist.


1. THE_FLYING_CAMEL_69 had a grandfather who was abnormally committed both to being a racist jerk and ruining a holiday for children.

My dad said his grandfather on Halloween, would dress up like a person in the KKK, and hand slices of watermelon to the all the black kids.

2. User jnaloomis realized her mother had some racist ideas as well as some misogynistic ones.

I will never forget having a conversation with my mother about interracial relationships. I posed the question: would she rather I be with a white man that beats me, or a black man that treats me well? To which she responded, "So long as you're not with a n****r."

3. Caddy15 heard one of those racist jokes that grandpas love to tell, except he wasn’t kidding.

This one from my grandfather always stuck with me:

"If you see a white man running, he's late. If you see a black man running, he's in trouble."

I was seven and I knew at that moment that what he said was ridiculous.