To be fair, Easter is an execution-related holiday. (via redditor rinzlerwolf)

There's one lucky college student and Peep afficionado out there, redditor rinzlerwolf, with a very creative and sadistic (in the good way?) father who really wants him or her to come home from school for Easter as soon as possible. To achieve this, the Dad is exploiting his kid's one major weakness: rinzlerwolf really, really loves Peeps. So, every year, good old Dad buys a bunch of Peeps and methodically tortures and kills them in new and surprising ways every day in the run-up to Easter and sends the pictures to his kid. Now you, too, can enjoy the magical and fluffy death of these sticky-sweet Easter staples. 

"Do you expect me to peep?" "No, Mr. Peeps, I expect you to die!"

Personally, I can watch Peeps die all day—they're way more sliceable, smooshable and explodable than they are delicious, but I know a lot of folks feel strongly about this issue. That's why I'm going to start throwing them off the Empire State Building if you don't check out our list of absolutely terrifying Easter Bunnies.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor rinzlerwolf