My 6-year-old self is ashamed at how few dinos I know by name. (via Medium)

Sorry if you thought your parents were cool, everyone. Refe Tuma, whose Twitter profile describes him as "writer, editor, dinosaurer," and his wife spend every November convincing their kids that their dinosaur toys come to life at night and wreak havoc on their home. It's pretty awesome. Scratch that; it's really awesome. Why do they do it?


Let's just hope they don't Google "Dinovember." (via Medium)

When I say "come to life at night and wreak havoc," I'm not kidding. These dinosaurs have no respect for private property:


"OK, guys. We gotta get our stories straight, NOW." (via Medium)

Disappearing before morning is kind of an important part of graffitti, guys. (via Medium)

Technically, this makes them all raptors. 
(via Medium)

I realize he's got a crest on his head, but I always see a little bowler hat. 
(via Medium)

Never forget, though, that they are still dangerous beasts:

"WHERE IS THE PIZZA, DUDE?" (via Medium)

Needless to say, people love this, and as of the time I'm writing this 75,461 people had already signed up to follow Dinovember's Facebook page. Since this project is to encourage creativity in our modern age, it's no surprise that other parents have started joining in:

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