We're gonna need a more absorbent diaper.

What you have to understand when you look at this post is that, for a certain type of person, building a crib inspired by Robert Shaw's climactic death scene from Steven Spielberg's 1975 classic Jaws is the absolute height of avuncular love.

Staten Island cool uncle Joseph Reginella—with the excited blessing of new dad Mark Melaccio—put an amazing amount of effort into making it look like his two-month-old nephew Mikey is constantly just about to be eaten by a massive Great White Shark. Check out these pictures from the construction process:


After all that effort, this kid had better grow up to appreciate great cinema as much as his uncle and father do. Or develop a debilitating fear of sharks at the very least.

By the way, here's a slightly more kid-friendly version of the death scene in question, in case you don't want to give yourself nightmares:


Sources: Mark Melaccio | h/t Metro