Sleep-deprived parents will try anything to get their babies to sleep more. One dad tried to make that trial-and-error process a little more methodical by applying the principles of A/B testing to his newborn twins.

They're not tired.

Tyler Lund described in a post on Medium how he applied the same tactics used by companies like Google and Apple to figure out what appeals to customers. First, he'd try feeding one baby more right before bedtime, using the other baby as a control. If it worked, the larger number of ounces became the control, and then Lund would introduce another variable: an earlier or later bedtime, or keeping one baby awake more during the day. Lund and his wife kept track of everything in a giant spreadsheet—just looking at it will make you tired.

Just normal new dad stuff.

So what big conclusion did Lund draw? Well, nothing, really. Of course, with the way newborn babies are constantly changing and growing, it's almost impossible to train them to do anything consistently.