Innovative dad Ben Brucker went viral after converting his daughter's ordinary sleep suit into an adorable NASA space suit. The entire transformation process was documented on Imgur, and the final results were out of this world (sorry, I had to).

"This sleep suit is supposed to help her (and us) sleep better," writes Brucker in reference to Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. "It looks completely ridiculous, and we immediately began referring to it as her 'space suit.' I figured I might as well take it a step further."


One small step for baby astronauts, one giant leap for mankind.


Brucker picked up a few NASA-themed patches off Amazon and snuck them into the house behind his wife's back. He then employed the help of his mother to sew them on.

Damn, Brucker's mom did all the work and he got all the credit.

And the finished product was pretty spectacular. Brucker wrote that the larger patches were attached to the front of the suit so they would so they cover the Merlin logo and not impede the baby's arm movement. However, she did get one sweet NASA should patch.


And the thing looks even cuter with an actual baby in it! Look at her, she is definitely ready for take off.

Houston, we have a spacesuit.

Brucker wrote that he can't look at his daughter in the suit without laughing.

She looks like she is in a deep sleep in deep space.

After the project was completed, Brucker also uploaded his wife's reaction to seeing his (or his mom's) handiwork for the first time. Her reaction is almost as cute as their astronaut baby. Almost.


Hey, you never know. Maybe Brucker's kid will grow up to be a full-sized astronaut one day. He's going to need to make her a helmet, though.