Being a father involves a lot of responsibilities: providing, being a role model, and most important of all: bringing the dad humor. Mastering dad humor starts with a baseline of glorious dad jokes, but also necessitates deliberately embarrassing the crap out of your kids in a hilarious way. To paraphrase the aphorism: Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to get their kid to scream, "ohmygahd dad you're EMBARRASSING ME!" And these redditors' dads are true pros.


1. MasticationAddict unfortunately has the one dad that actually wanted to get out of the car.

You think your dad is terrible? I have to say, its my dad wearing tight biker shorts without a cup when he was picking me up from school in 9th grade. He got out the car so he could meet my friends.

2. Most every dad has done what anthonymyers3000's dad did, but how many are so committed to the bit that they keep it up for an hour?

My dad pretended to go to sleep on one of the store model beds at sears. He kept it up for over an hour while me and my sister pretended not to know him.