Embarrassing your kids is a time-honored tradition, but making it go viral is too far.

Spot the face that's traumatized for life. (via Imgur)

A man who goes by Bombingofdresden on Reddit (already a bad sign—hopefully he's a Kurt Vonnegut fan and not a bombing-of-cities fan) took his family on the Skyrush roller coaster at Pennsylvania's Hersheypark, where the automatic camera took this picture of them on a drop. As you can see, one of his sons didn't handle the G-forces too well. Here's a close-up, along with another photo of the boy for reference.

The moment he decided to devote his life to evil. (via Imgur)

Like any responsible parent in 2015, Bombingofdresden knew there was only one place for this humiliating personal photo: Reddit. After all, being made fun of by thousands of commenters and snarky ecard blogs is a natural part of adolescent development.

I hope that both dad and son enjoy their newfound Internet fame, as well as the cold, distant relationship they'll have from here on out.

P.S. The fact that his shirt says "smile more" is perfect.

UPDATE: The dad in question responded to us on Twitter.


It's good to know it all worked out. Although I will maintain that is a weird choice of username.

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