Lukas Costeur is a Belgian graphic designer and new dad who uses his professional skills to make Snapsterpieces of his son. Every night as he falls asleep in his arms, Costeur transforms his son Felix into pop culture characters, creating baby pictures that the youngster will realize are super cool when he's older. The cool dad has started compiling his art into a Tumblr, calling himself "Snapdad," and he updates it every night (Belgian time). Here are some highlights of this artistic example of father-son bonding:

1. Willy Wonka

Pure imagination.

2. Mr. Monopoly

Snapdad should be able to collect $200 for this.

3. Captain America

The Winter Pooper.

4. Popeye

He'll have his spinach as soon as he's ready for solid foods.
Sources: Snapdad | h/t Huffington Post