Intergenerational meetings are fascinating for the people who are members of that family, and that's usually it. This particular meeting has somehow flipped this fundamental truth: many people are interested in it! Reddit user Fishtails posted a photo of his 92-year-old great grandmother meeting his 2-day-old daughter for the first time, and everyone plotzed themselves. Let's look:

They're about to Freaky Friday.

Wow, pretty poignant. One is old, one is not. Is that it?

Actually, looking through the comment thread, it appears the photo is popular because it's inspiring people to share stories of grandparents who hung in there to meet their progeny. Some of the stories coming out in response to this pic are quite touching, like Reddit user iamspartasdog (haha, Reddit names undermine touching moments so hard):

My grandfather was in hospice care while my wife was pregnant with our daughter (his first great granddaughter). He had extremely late stage Alzheimer's and Dementia. He got to the point where he couldn't eat and couldn't remember to do anything on his own toward the end. He was a USAF veteran, and during his final month, he kept talking to everyone in German, and kept mentioning London. When he'd say London, he'd always smile. The only time in his last 6 months that we ever saw him smile or laugh was when he talked about going there.

We named our daughter London. At about 4 months old, she sat on his bed with him in hospice and he told her all kinds of stories, and they looked at pictures together. Not many of the stories made any sense to my wife and I, but he was unbelievably happy, and so was London. They both shared some giggles and plenty of hugs. Grandpa looked at both my wife and I and said "thank you!", we said our usual goodbyes and left to go get dinner and when we came back, grandpa was already in bed for the night, so we just went in and gave our hugs and kisses and said we'd be back in the morning for breakfast. He never woke up the next morning. I firmly believe that he decided that he could go on a happy note.

Sources: Fishtails