Gritting of the teeth. Muscle spasms. It's all there.

Last week on Inside Amy Schumer, a sketch aired that should have come with a trigger warning. "Mom Computer Therapy" was a harrowing document of how traumatic it can be to try to help your mother figure out where the "on" button is. Be warned, if you've ever experienced the kind of frustration that comes with guiding a mother through the intricacies of attaching a photo to an email, this clip might be too much to handle. 

She gave you life, devoted years to nurturing you from a helpless infant into an independent, fully-functioning adult. Shouldn't you be able to give her ten minutes of halting keystrokes and mind-boggling technophobia?

No. No you shouldn't. And no one should expect you to.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: Inside Amy Schumer