It's adorable until you realize she charges for wait time. What a ripoff.

We've all thought it at some point: "Mom/Dad, I'm going to have to start charging for all this computer help that could probably be solved with a Google search and a trip to the mall." Now, for this Redditor (aka Your Awesome Daughter), her dad seems to have had an actual problem requiring a new hard drive - pretty shocking in the world of parent computer problems. To be fair, their parents asked annoying questions like "who the hell needs a computer in the house? We have ones the size of a house at the office!" And their parents were even worse, saying "in my day, a punch card was for clocking into work, not calculating missile trajectories to hit the Soviets!" Every generation has its quirks.


Frankly, if it were us, we'd charge less for real problems than for "parent problems." Computer accidentally contracted the Stuxnet virus? Five bucks. Computer's slow because Dad put 800 toolbars on Internet Explorer? 2012 Ford Mustang, please. But, the Round Table sounds pretty nice. We don't know where the Round Table restaurant is, so let's just pretend it's the famous Round Table at the Algonquin Hotel, and they're going to trade bon mots with the ghosts of old New Yorker writers.

Sources: Redditor Clem_Honeybutter