Pretty normal for a stranger. For a little brother, though, this demands mockery.

Nothing attracts the mockery of your family more than an attempt to look cooler than they know you really are, especially if you are the youngest. That's what happened to this kid, who tried to take the Tinder-worthy selfie you see above with his new phone, only to have the image spotted by his dad and older brothers. Doing their duty as the older males, they immediately stole his shirt and beanie to recreate his sultry pose. They then posted it on reddit, where it blew up.

The dad's name is Carl. That's the only name we know, and the only name we need to know.

A picture like this is too much fun for the boys to keep to themselves, however, and apparently the women in this family also need Internet karma, because they appeared on reddit a little while later with their own recreation of their baby brother's beauty photo.

The family that viciously mocks their youngest member together, stays together.

There are two more sisters who have yet to appear in the photos, but I think we can all agree that this family has already succeeded in making sure the youngest boy won't try to boost his own self-esteem again for a long, long time.

Some people have theorized that this is an elaborate HTC One ad. To those people, I say "Maybe. How can we even tell anymore? I can't think of a way out of this prison of paid content, so please let me enjoy my ignorance in bliss." Other people just wonder why we care that other humans are having fun and goofing around. To them, I say "Thank you for your insightful Facebook comments."

(by Johnny McNulty)

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