There must be an app that can hold that towel for you. (via)

Redditor DantesInfernape was watching The Master with his mom, and she kept getting up to cover the naked boobs that appeared onscreen with a towel. This struck DantesInfernape as particularly funny because he is a) 22 years old and b) gay.

His mom knows he's gay and she's cool with it, but she never got over "the uncomfortability [sic] of seeing nudity with her children," he wrote on reddit. Reddit fell in love with this overprotective mom and set up about making her cover up all kinds of inappropriate things.

DantesInfernape thinks it's awesome that his mom is now a meme, and promises to show her every single one of the images below. You can see more of people's creations over at r/photoshopbattles.

You will not break the Internet in my house, young lady. (via)

Censorship comes in many forms. (via)

From sea level, it's hard to cover all the boobs on the beach at once. (via)

No child of hers should see what brutal martial law looks like. (via)

No one needs to see that, Marilyn. (via)

No nipples are free when towel mom is around. (via)

Now there's someone her son might actually want to see naked. Move, Ma! (via)

And of course, who better to cover up her own ass than towel mom?


Keeping the view wholesome. (via)

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