Sharon Standifird will not be ignored. (via ABC7)

Are you a parent who feels bad because you embarrassed your kid by dragging them out of a party in front of everyone? Well, after reading this, you may feel a whole lot better about yourself, because Sharon Standifird has just announced her candidacy for the title of least popular mom on the planet.

Standifird has created an app that allows parents to remotely shut down a kid's phone as punishment if the child is ignoring their calls or texts. Once the phone is shut down, it can only call approved numbers and 911, in case the kid feels so victimized by your control issues they decide to get the cops involved.

Here's how it works: First, you have a child who is giving you the silent treatment and no longer takes your threats seriously, to the point that when you call, they look at their phone in disgust, rolling their eyes and complaining to their friends about how much they hate you for expecting the courtesy of having your calls returned on the phone you bought for them.

Next, install "Ignore No More" on both your phones. Then, the next time your child ignores your call, press the code into your phone, and your child will have no choice but to call you back to inform you that they were totally busy doing something perfectly acceptable that didn't involve you in any way and they can't wait to turn eighteen because maybe then you'll stop treating them like they're ten-years old! Or something like that.

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