The internet took a break from yelling at Hillary Clinton for being sick to instead yell at Chelsea Clinton for missing her daughter's first day of school. Chelsea, as you may know, was busy helping her mother, who has not only been sick but is running for president. I'm so, so tired by this already so I can only imagine how Chelsea and Hillary feel.


Chelsea has been on the campaign trail in North Carolina to help her mom, who is recovering from pneumonia, save the world from Trump. Because of this, she had to miss her daughter Charlotte's first day of school, as the Daily Mail discovered when they photographed the two-year-old in a stroller with her nanny and dad.

Presumably, young Charlotte—who is in the care of not one but two responsible adults—will be just fine. One could argue going to school without your mom is a lot less stressful than being followed by paparazzi.

A few news sources picked up the non-story, including a Fox affiliate that posted it and asked their followers to "sound off" on whether or not Chelsea is a bad mom (as if the internet needs to be reminded to "sound off" about anything). They have since deleted the post, but not before writer Parker Molloy grabbed a snapshot.

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