There's not much information available about this video, other than what the mom who made it tells us, which is mainly that she's Christian, and she's very upset about the lyrics to a song called "Norf Norf" by a rapper named Vince Staples.

So upset that she spends a good portion of the video reciting the words to the song and straight up bawling.


Obviously she hasn't listened to a lot of rap in her life (surprise!) because her mind has been blown, and not in a good way.

She says she couldn't believe what she was hearing, and she is definitely not making that up. She's 100 percent incredulous. She's infuriated, as a mom, that "this is what our youth is being subjected to." (Mind you, she's talking about the song lyrics, not so much the reality behind them.)

This is the main chorus: "I ain't never ran from nothin' but the police/from the city where the skinny carry strong heat/Norfside, Long Beach, Norfside, Long Beach." So let's just encourage kids to run from the police. Because that's okay, right? We wonder why this society is so messed up, listen to the music.

Sources: h/t THR