Mommy blogger Constance Hall is known for sharing her opinions on topics other mommy bloggers avoid like the plague, such as why being a single mother isn't the worst thing in the world.


Hall, who was a single mother for a period of time, shared her thoughts about the misconceptions some people have about moms who are going it alone.

Single mum myth busting. 1) They don't want a new dad for their kids. The kids have a dad and in the instances where...

Posted by Constance Hall on Sunday, May 29, 2016

Single mum myth busting.

1) They don't want a new dad for their kids. The kids have a dad and in the instances where they don't, Queens sort that job too.‪#‎legend‬.

2) Their kids aren't disadvantaged. The only disadvantage children of single parents face is the knowledge that their mum is being judged. Kids are clever, they pick up on that shit.

3) They aren't always broke. Single mums often work, often make a fuck load of cash, some drink Grey Goose and where Chanel, others drink goon and don't wear much, it's called ‪#‎variaty‬.

4) They aren't uncomfortable around couples. Single mums aren't uncomfortable around couples or dogs or fire engines or sandwiches. Weird I know.

5) They didn't fuck anything up. Anybody could wake up tomorrow and become a single parent, whether they chose it or not, anyone. High horses are for twats.

6) Their kids aren't baggage. Children are assets and women who raise them on their own have very strong instincts, they won't give a bloke who sees their kids as baggage a look in. ‪#‎next‬

7) They don't want your husbands.. They didn't spend all this time getting rid of theirs and supporting their kids and working their arses off to have to wake up next to your farting, snoring, horny delight. He is all yours ☺️

During my short stint of single motherhood a couple of years ago I felt like I wasn't in the mum crew, but I wasn't in the single friend crew either... I was‪#‎crewless‬ (like clueless but I didn't have 2 mates) I didn't need pity because I was actually kicking goals and rocking out, it is tough but the toughest part is the stigma.
‪#‎queencrew‬ is where it's all.

Today I'm saluting single mums. I was raised by one, I respect them and I admire the shit out of them.

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