Moms on Facebook are going nuts over this photo of a new mom wearing a diaper just an hour after she gave birth. In 2016, the internet loves real, and this is as real as it gets.

One hour after giving birth... looks stunning... in a nappy :)

Posted by Melissa Jean Photography (Australia) on Sunday, July 17, 2016

The photo was taken by Australian photographer Melissa Jean, who travels the world photographing moms during the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth. The new mom, named Alyce, looks absolutely awesome. Others apparently agree. The photo has gone viral and received dozens of comments, many of them from moms who support the idea of wearing a diaper post-birth.

"Go mumma!!!! She looks absolutely amazing, nappy and all!" wrote one commenter. Others were envious, but still supportive: "Jealous!!!!!! They never offered me no cool nappies only mega pads."

Moms deserve to wear whatever the hell they want to be as comfortable as possible after pushing a baby out of their body (or really, any time). If mommy diapers do the trick, then:

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