Gillian Faith is featured in People magazine's cover story, which is exciting:

A) Because she's someone other than Jennifer Aniston and—


B) She isn't even a celebrity (yet).

Faith is a mother of three in British Columbia, Canada, who wears bikinis and is in the best shape of her life at 41. She's a bit like Sia Cooper, the type of incredibly strong woman who gives birth and shows off a six pack six days later.

There was a period in her life, though, in which she now recognizes she was suffering from a food addiction: “I was such a food addict and I didn’t want people to know whenever I wanted a fast food meal. Wendy’s was my favorite. I would go to three different Wendy’s because I didn’t want the cashier to know.”

She’d then Febreeze her car, “so there was no sign.”

Sources: People