The story of a woman who identified herself only as "a grandma" and the sweet thing she did for a harried mom of two young kids on New Year's Eve is going viral because it illustrates how much it can mean when one stranger is nice to another.

In a post on Facebook (later posted by huge Facebook group "Love What Matters"), Kristin Sherman explained that she was shopping at a Meijer grocery store in Michigan on New Year's Eve, trying to purchase a few things (including milk) and get out of the store before either one or both of her tired sons had a total meltdown. Afterwards, while putting her groceries into the car in the parking lot, the carton of milk fell and broke open, spilling everywhere.


The spilled milk didn't make Sherman cry (although it sounds like she probably felt like it), but the nice thing that a woman parked nearby did for her totally did. Because after the carton of milk spilled, a woman who had been watching got out of her car, explained that she she'd seen the milk fall, and as a grandma, knew what a hassle it would be for Sherman to go back inside the store for another (she'd already buckled her two children into their car seats and everything).


The woman asked Sherman if she could go back inside and buy more milk for her, and despite Sherman's protestations, took it upon herself to do so. When she returned, she wouldn't accept any money from Sherman, and when Sherman looked in the bag, she saw that in addition to the gallon of milk, the woman had bought her a second one, as well as a gift card to the grocery store. That bit of kindness, Sherman wrote, "made me cry like a baby."

Sherman ended her post by writing,

Thank you to the parking lot grandma. In 2017 I hope we can all be a little more like her. I'm hoping the lady that helped me out last night will see this. Please feel free to share. Less hate, more love is my hope for 2017.

Sources: h/t Distractify