Sherri Dickson proved that parents will do literally anything to get grandchildren.

One big happy confusing family.

Moms are pretty great. They'll carry you in their body for nine months, give birth to you in a process that apparently kind of hurts, and then support you emotionally and financially until you're ready to be on your own. Then, if you need them to, they'll do it all over again for your kids so you don't have to.

That's what happened for one North Dakota family. Mandy Stephens and her husband Jamie were very excited to have kids after getting married in 2013, but had a difficult time, and eventually turned to in vitro fertilization. Mandy became pregnant with a son, but tragically lost him after he was born prematurely. Their entire family was devastated, including her mother, Sherri Dickson.

Sherri, like all parents, was hard-wired with an irresistible genetic urge to become a grandparent and load up that baby with free cookies and birthday checks. She was determined to live that dream by any means necessary. So when she found out her daughter would need a surrogate to have any future children, she stepped up immediately. The 51-year-old volunteered to carry her 32-year-old daughter's baby.

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