Liz Meagher Cooper is a new mom with a 4-month-old baby. She needed to pump breast milk during a layover at Dulles International Airport—which sounds like the only possible thing that could make a layover at Dulles International Airport worse—but wasn't sure where she could find a clean, private space to do so.

A lady with reasonable request.

When she asked a United Airlines employee where to go, she was told to use the bathroom. Cooper pointed out that sitting on a public toilet is a not-entirely-sanitary place to express milk for a newborn. The United employee then came up with another brilliant suggestion: she could use the pet-relief center! That is, of course, the public toilet for pets in transit, complete with fake fire hydrant. The employee promised (according to Cooper) that "There haven’t been a lot of dogs in the airport today." 

Once you've done your business, please dispose of your breast milk in the appropriate trash receptacle.
Sources: Fox 5 DC