Mom Paige-Alexis Cunningham from Sydney had no idea her "bit of a rant" about "mom-shaming" would go viral when she posted it on Facebook on January 29.

Sydney mom Paige-Alexis Cunningham is fed up with mom-on-mom shaming.

Cunningham, frustrated that her Facebook feed had been "flooded" with posts about "what not to feed your kids," described what her own kids ate that day: some nutritious stuff, and some McDonald's Happy Meal lunches.

French fries—they're not just for breakfast anymore.

She compared the all-natural, home-cooked versus fast food debate to breast-feeding versus formula—what really matters is what works best for the family, and it's all about moderation. "At the end of the day fed children are best. Don't let them eat junk all the time, but don't lay the guilt on yourself or any other parent if they ate 2 minute noodles and Nutella today."