Georgia mom Savannah Shukla was feeding her one-month-old baby inside a Piggly-Wiggly when a police officer approached her to erroneously claim it was illegal for her to do so. His grounds (wrong) were that he could see a little areola.

Of course she had to feed her baby, EVERYONE gets hungry at the grocery store.

Despite being completely incorrect, he threatened arrest and shamed her into finishing the feeding in her car. Her post about the incident quickly went viral.

Tonight while in Piggly Wiggly while nursing a Deputy approached me right when I was about to leave and informed that I needed to cover up because someone might find it "offensive."

Shukla makes it clear she understands her rights to breastfeed, but the deputy insists that she only "thinks" she knows the law. Gross, a mansplainer with a badge.

He also pointed out how he could "already see my areola" and that if someone saw my nipple he would have to arrest me. For him to see my areola he would've had to have been staring VERY hard.

Horrified, another woman there identified and photographed the cop. Shukla posted that picture along with a warning that she will be "reporting this to whoever his higher ups are."