Koto Nakamura ​recently gave birth to a baby, which she was expecting. Nakamura was also counting on having a girl come out of her girl parts, because that's what the ultrasound technicians apparently told her. Instead, Nakamura was blessed with a baby boy, a moment that Australian photographer Jessica Jackson captured. Jackson was lucky enough to also record the exact moment when Nakamura realized that she'd prepared herself for the wrong gender.


That face could be saying a lot of things like, "Oh, fuck," or "What do we do with all the needlessly gendered clothing we bought?" 

The Australian couple quickly decided that the name they'd picked out for a daughter, Hinata, wasn't going to work. They went with Taiga, which means big and gracious, according to Kid Spot. Thus far, little Taiga isn't that big.

Jackson shared another image of Nakamura, in which the new mom expresses "sweet relief" at the pain of labor finally ending.

Sources: The Cut