Shevon Potts, a mother in the UK, thought she was getting a good deal when she bought her daughter a talking baby doll from the clearance rack at an Argos store. But when she brought the doll home and listened to it "talk," she realized there was a very good reason why it was being sold at such a discount. She was so shocked, she had to share it on Facebook.


That's very unnerving. Potts posted the video to Argos' Facebook page, along with this caption:

Bought this baby for my daughters birthday, at argos clearance. And im absolutely horrified at the "baby cry" it just does not sound like a babies cry!! i wont even let me daughter leave the house with it!!

Of course, there's no way of telling how the wrong sound box wound up in the doll. (And does that mean that somebody out there bought a sex doll that turned out to have a baby voice?) This video could even be a hoax, but Argos' social media department is certainly taking it seriously.

Potts originally posted her video in September, and seemingly has still not gotten the doll replaced. Now, months later, her video is going viral. Understandably, the store is desperately trying to make it right.


Sorry Wendy, it looks like you're not getting the doll back. And who cares at this point? It seems like the birthday girl is happy (and the doll certainly is). All's well that ends well. Except for whoever bought that sex doll. They're probably scarred for life.

More importantly, this is yet another example of a joke from The Simpsons coming true.