Heroin is on the rise again.

Eva Holland.

Because of the relative ease with which people can now access prescription opiates, they often get abused, and when abusers reach a certain level of tolerance, they often make the jump to heroin, since it gives them a similar high and is cheaper and easier to access than pills. Eva Holland from Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the latest people to lose someone to a heroin addiction borne out of pill abuse — the father of her children. Even though Eva and her partner Mike Settles were never married, she considered him her "best friend," and she was with him through his first addiction and subsequent rehabilitation. When he started using again, however, she lost him. Although the official coroner's report hasn't been released, she is pretty certain she knows what happened.

She decided to send a powerful message to the world concerning Mike's death by posting a Facebook photo of her family standing next to Mike's open casket. It was accompanied by the following message:

Sources: Local8Now