She raised you, and this is how you repay her?

Joy Woodhouse is just a southern mom who wants a peaceful family Christmas this year.

Unfortunately for her, her sons are Democrat Brad Woodhouse and Republican Dallas Woodhouse, two pundits who recently appeared on a C-SPAN segment called "Woodhouse Divided." So, to reach out to them, Joy called in to the show.

"Oh God, it's Mom," were the first words out of Dallas's mouth when he recognized her voice. Steve Scully, the show's host, quickly jumped in to say, "This was not planned."

Mom, a registered Democrat who sometimes votes Republican, explained that she and her husband "love politics," but that doesn't mean she wants constant bickering at every holiday. She was thrilled her sons were going to their in-laws for Thanksgiving, but worried they'd be back to arguing when the family reunited for Christmas.

"I'm hoping you'll have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas," Joy remarked. That seems pretty unlikely, but at the very least, calling into the show gave those boys a thorough public chastisin'. If only all the moms of everyone in Congress would call in and tell them to stop their bickering.

Asked by Scully about raising them, Joy replied: "Well, it hasn't been easy."


Sounds like it still isn't.

Sources: h/t Washington Post