This lesson lasted exactly as long as it took for someone to need the car. (via WTOC)

Craig Schlichenmeyer is a father and a soldier at Georgia's Fort Stewart. Like a lot of military dads (and a lot of regular dads), he has a strong belief in the importance of cleaning your room. He apparently did not see eye to eye on this issue with his daughter, however, because she was serially delinquent in her tidying-up duties. Finally, Schlichenmeyer gave up hope of a diplomatic solution and moved all her furniture out into the driveway (arranged exactly how it was inside, naturally) with a sign reading "Haley, room moved to driveway / clean it next time."


All's well that ends with you doing what I want.

While I think this is pretty awesome (honestly, if my parents could have pulled this off, I'd just be impressed), it's caused some controversy on WTOC's Facebook page among people who are unhappy with this (seeming) trend of parents publicly shaming their kids. I mean, it's even spread to toddlers

In this case, however, it does not seem like there are any hard feelings between Haley and Craig. Haley's dad praised her as being an honors student and an all-around good kid. She just wasn't cleaning her room. She doesn't seem too unhappy either, considering she and her dad used the opportunity presented by having all of her furniture removed to go ahead and repaint her room.

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